Friday, April 11, 2014

First morel mushroom of the season

WooHoo!  Just found a morel mushroom and as I was looking, I ended up counting 9!  They are up but are drying up.

Pics to follow.......

Time to go fishing and morel hunting.  Good thing I am raising night crawlers..

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Camaro Fest in Eureka Springs Arkansas May 17th

Just got word of this.  Says it is the 2nd annual, but I never knew there was a first, lol.  Amazing how events go on so close to home and you never know about them.  We go to Eureka semi often and used to go there for Corvette Weekend and take the Vettes.  I hope, unlike Corvette Weekend that is is NOT just a bunch of new Camaros.

Might go- probably not for the show but just to drive around.   Depends what all is going on that weekend.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swanson, Vitacost and Dollar General Coupon codes

Had to place a couple orders today.  I hate shopping, buying gas and I hate paying retail, so ordering online works great for me.

We were out of some things so the first order I placed was through Swanson Vitamins.  I looked up all the things we needed on Vitacost as well, but in the end I got a lot better value overall on what I ordered through Swanson, even with shipping.  This of course could vary depending on what YOU were ordering.

Vitacost has a special right now if you order at least $25 of Vitacost products, you get free shipping.  Most of the stuff I had in my cart was Vitacost brand, but not all so I had to add an extra product.   Vitacost does participate in Ebates and other cash back programs (Ebates currently giving 4% back).  But like I said, for what WE needed Swanson was the best deal for us.  Even though Swanson does NOT participate in the cash back programs, I did Google "Coupon Code" and with any order over $10, it was just $1.99 shipping.   Coupon code for that is "MAIL2YOU" and I think it is good through March 21, which is Friday.

Total spent with shipping- $33.22 for 8 items.

Sign up for Ebates if you are not already a member- They were giving out a FREE $10 for signing up, not sure what they are giving out right now.

Check Swanson out for your free $5.00 coupon-    and then use the coupon code.  If you are spending over $50, shipping is free anyways.

You can also sign up for Vitacost and get a FREE $10 off your first order

I also got an email from Dollar General.  They have some good deals sometimes and I LOVE their raisin bran.  I was in Mountain Home last Friday and I stopped at Wal Mart and got a box of their raisin bran and it wasn't near as tasty.  At $1.95 a box (20 oz), that is a pretty good deal.  They also had their Maxwell House marked down to $5.00 a can (30.65 oz), which is cheaper than the Clover Valley brand I have been buying already at Dollar General.  Ebates give 2.5% back on DG and I got free shipping for over $30 with code- SHIPMARCH.

I LOVE getting all of my stuff delivered to me!

Monday, March 17, 2014

1978 Z-28 Camaro emblems

If you remember a little over a year ago I posted this:

Z-28 emblems from GREAT SERVICE

Just wanted to make a post telling everyone about  the Z-28 emblems I bought.  I put them both on and have only drove the car one mile to get the pics that I posted on here.  Well, one day I noticed that the rear emblem was becoming detached from it's back.  I was VERY distraught, didn't know what to do.  My car has been without a rear emblem for SO long, now I got a new one that they just started reproducing and it is coming apart.  I told my husband about it, he saw the same thing and we both agreed it sucked.

After maybe a week or so I decided to write the company where I had bought it, through Ebay.  I had already left them positive feedback so in all honesty I didn't expect them to do ANYTHING.  I just wanted them to know about it.  They immediately wrote me back and said they would send me a NEW one!  They wrote me several times, telling me when they would send it and that they would check it very carefully before they sent it out.

I received it, along with a personal note and card.  I was really overwhelmed!  They didn't ask for proof or for me to send the other one back, just sent me a NEW one.  With so many bad businesses on the net, this is one that I am VERY impressed with.

Here is there link:

Well, the new emblems that I bought and put on my car had started looking like this after less than a year. 

One day I wrote them to complain.  They immediately wrote me back and I sent photos.  I explained how the car is kept under cover and had only been driven 4 times or so.  They sent me a new set and after I removed the old ones, I sent the old ones in.  

Since I have only washed the car a hardful of times, only use water and Dawn dish soap and then chamois it, I would like to know what caused this as well.  I never drive the car in the rain or elements......I just hope the new ones they sent me will last as I cannot be writing them every year or so and changing out emblems.  

If you notice, not only did they FADE they also look like they "rusted", where the plastic meets the colored emblem.  very strange.  I have not heard back from them yet.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arkansas hedgehogs for sale Arkansas Missouri

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $150 each~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My female had babies and I have two of them for sale (need Harley $$$).

Brother and sister, they are 8 weeks old, very healthy, both have "socks" on their back legs and are both very dark faced Algerian pintos.  I would call them dark brown but that could be up for discussion, seeing how there are 300 different color variations.

If interested, email me at

Here are the pics of the male hedgehog:

Arkansas hedgehog for sale

Arkansas hedgehog for sale

Arkansas hedgehog for sale

Arkansas hedgehog for sale

And the female.  Not as much of a pinto, but still is.

Arkansas hedgehog for sale
Arkansas hedgehog for sale

Arkansas hedgehog for sale