AMAZING cheap life

AMAZING cheap life

Friday, April 24, 2015

Quit running over and killing bikers

PLEASE QUIT running over, disfiguring and killing bikers!!!!!

STAY off your PHONES.  Better yet, throw your phone away, burn your car and get a motorcycle and join us!  We truly are fighting to stay alive each time we ride among cagers.

AMAZING weekend of mushroom hunting here in northern Arkansas

Yep, look at the pics and see for yourself!  All 50 were found in the same location!

2015 Morel mushrooms northern Arkansas

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cool chart of riding temperatures

I thought this was really cool, so I thought I would share.

Just Kickers 2015

The awesome event, Just Kickers is coming up next month.  We donated T-shirts and hoodies in 2013 and we got to not only attend last year, but got a three page feature in Wrench Magazine and a 4 page feature in Renegade Magazine, not to mention Thunderroads Oklahoma/Arkansas (yep, we are HUGE promoters!!!!!). Not sure if we will get to go this year as Gabe doesn't have his Flathead together and my Panhead is also not together.

Just Kickers Ardmore Dragway 2015

This year they moved the location to Ardmore Dragway and are going to have drag races AND a swap meet.  What a year to go!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 morel mushroom hunting

I fell in love with hunting mushrooms about 13 years ago when Gabe and his friend Bob introduced me to it.  I like hunting other things, but I LOVE mushroom hunting AND I am good at it!  Plus they are delicious.  I have since found that cooking yellow squash blooms the same way tastes almost exactly like morel mushrooms.  Thanks to my friend Cindy for telling me that excellent piece of advice.  I now plant yellow squash just for the blooms!

It is looking  to be a good year.  We went last weekend but found nothing.  Went yesterday to several areas and found 7.  Definitely no "honey-holes" but 7 is better than none.  Will be cooking them up tonight!