AMAZING cheap life

AMAZING cheap life

Friday, April 8, 2016

1981 Ironhead "Ironman" featured in Kustoms to Klassics magazine

Sent this in before I sold the bike, so it should be it's last feature.  What is cool about this feature is that I am THE bike feature- the only one!!!

Got a 6 page feature, plus the editorial page in Kustoms to Klassics magazine.

You can preview it and purchase it here.

The bike appeared in many publications- both international and national.  It was also a contestant on "Motopickers" television show and has appeared in countless other magazines, contests, etc.

It was featured in:

******American Iron: 5 page feature and a cover shot
******100% Biker (UK): 3 page feature
******Renegade Magazine: 6 page feature
******Wild Motorcycles (France): 4 page feature
******Biker Zone (Australia): 5 page feature
******Harley Davidson Dream Machines (Germany): 4 page feature
******Xtreme Bikes (Spain): 19 page feature
******Duro Rider Gazette (UK): 4 page feature
and now****Kustoms to Klassics: 6 page feature

******************And the one I am MOST proud of, last July's 4 page feature in ~~The Horse Backstreet Choppers~~***********************

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover 2016

Get your entries in!!!!  Send your 600 word essay to:

Check out the rules and all of the prizes for the contest  here

Morel mushroom season 2016 Northwest Arkansas

Been looking for several weeks so Saturday, April 2nd, we found 51.  Season is a couple weeks early this year but will be gone before you know it!

April 2, 2016 Northwest Arkansas morel mushrooms

April 2, 2016 Northwest Arkansas morel mushrooms

Friday, April 1, 2016

Kenda Drive-In Throwback Thursdays March 31

Last night was the first night for our "Throwback Thursdays".  We had a great turnout for the first night especially being in March.  We handed out door prizes and goody bags and showed "Two Lane Blacktop".

The food was excellent and the owners were AMAZING!  First time I had ever been to a Drive-In ever and it was great!  The whole nostalgic feel of all of the old vintage cars and trucks coming in was spectacular.  The whole experience had a "concert feel" to it.  They played great rock and roll on the speakers before it started.  They sold T-shirts that were also of the concert venue with all five dates and movies printed on the back.  T-shirts sold like hot cakes, as did their chocolate rolls which Searcy County is famous for!

Each month the Drive-In will offer up limited quantities of T-shirts with each month being printed on a different color tee.  This month was heather blue, next month will probably be red.

It was a great time and everyone I talked to said they are coming back, not just for the one next month, but for ALL months!

Friday, March 11, 2016

If you need a brand ambassador, contact me

I am in over 20 magazines a year.  Between my old Mopars, vintage Harleys, hedgehogs and other interests, I can get YOUR brand seen.

I have done work with Motorcycle House, am currently rocking some Just Get Dirty Garage shirts, and am looking to take on some new adventures.

I am the Chevy Classics Arkansas Representative, the Global Women Who Ride Arkansas Representative and am a Gold Eagle ambassador along with being a CRO (Coolridesonline) Champ.

I give updates on Garage Girls, am featured on various calendars, including three years in a row, since the inception, on the coveted Throttle Gals calendar and am always promoting myself and others that I believe in.

I would LOVE to test more motorcycle riding gear, which is what I did with Motorcycle House.  I also freelance for several motorcycle magazines and have been writing a column for Renegade Magazine for almost three years.

I also am in contact with lots of magazines and publications where I can secure full page ads for FREE and others that I can secure for just $10.

Contact me if you are interested or have any ideas.