AMAZING cheap life

AMAZING cheap life

Friday, January 9, 2015

Magazines we have appeared in Part 2

WOW, I can't believe I have gotten so far behind.  I am determined to keep up with the blog better this year.  Unless of course, I get a real job, depending on what GOD has in store for me this year.

My 81 got featured in Thunder Roads Arkansas /Oklahoma as a Reader's Ride.  Gabe also got featured as a Readers Ride.  I now write for Thunder Roads and fully support everything Terri Collier aka "T" is doing!!!

Thunder Roads: February 2011
Thunder Roads Arkansas Oklahoma

Thunder Roads Arkansas Oklahoma
Thunder Roads Arkansas Oklahoma

 October 2012

Southern Biker Magazine: October 2014

Southern Biker Magazine

Firing Order: February 2013

Magazines we have appeared in Part 1

Some magazines we just get a small photo so instead of doing a lot of separate posts, I am going to combine them onto this one post.  I am also planning on doing the same thing for the blogs I have been featured on and the interviews I have done.

In no particular order, here are some places we have shown up:

Wearing Ink Magazine: October 2013

Got home from a swap meet and found out my Panhead motor tattoo had made this magazine. I was super excited and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Wearing Ink Magazine

Wearing Ink Magazine

While joking one weekend with Jim Crabb, we both agreed it would be most awesome if I was to get into one of the "bigger" old-time magazines like Hot Rod or Car Craft.  Well Monday or Tuesday I went down to the mailbox, got my mail, and as soon as I got to the table started looking through the mag. Lo and behold, there was my Z-28 doing a burnout!

Car Craft Magazine: November 2013

Car Craft Magazine
Car Craft Magazine

I normally like to buy at least two copies of each magazine that we get into- one to keep whole and the other to "tear apart" and put into my 3-ring binder that holds all of my previous magazine features. Gabe was going to go look at or buy a Harley so I had him drop me off at Wal Mart to pickup a few things and to get another copy of Car Craft.  While in the magazine aisle, I decided I better look into some of the other magazines and OMG there was my 81 Corvette in Chevy High Performance!!!  I am in TWO national magazines. I was ecstatic, Gabe wouldn't answer his phone and there wasn't anyone else in the magazine section to brag to!!!  Wouldn't you know it!  Oh, and in the magazine they called me a HE. As many magazines as I have been in though there are very few mistakes.

Chevy High Performance: November 2013
Chevy High Performance

I have been the Arkansas State Representative of the Worldwide Camaro Club since 2005.  When the club morphed into just the Chevy Classics Club, then I was also moved over and still remain the Arkansas State Representative for them.  While representing the Worldwide Chevy Club, I attended one of their National Conferences, started the local North Arkansas Camaro Club and attended and put on various events while working with both clubs.  Chevy Classics puts out a monthly magazine that is only available to its members and a while back, after repeatedly getting emails about my achievements, they decided to do a series on the State Representatives.  Gabe also became a State Rep for the Chevy Classics Club in 2014.  

Chevy Classics: March 2014

Chevy Classics

Chevy Classics: July 2014

After getting more work done on my 56 Panhead sleeve in Mountain Home by my amazing tattoo artists, Dessa Blackthorn, owner of Tattooz by Sassy, I went over to the Hastings store, as we don't have anything like that here in Harrison.  When I opened up the current edition of The Horse Backstreet Choppers, there was a picture of me riding my 56 Panhead!!!!  I sat down in the floor and immediately called Gabe.  It was another awesome ending to such an awesome day.  Except of course, for the guy hitting on me while at Hastings.

The Horse Backstreet Choppers: March 2014

The Horse Backstreet Choppers

Runnin Free The Horse Backstreet Choppers

Built not Bought Magazine feature

At the beginning of 2013 we were featured in the magazine "Built not Bought".  They had originally told us we would get a two page spread and when it released we were featured on six pages!!  We were quite shocked and very happy.  Gordy Lee from the magazine actually called in December to do an interview. Most places never do a phone call interview and in fact, the only three I have ever had were American Iron, Barnetts Harley and Gordy with BnB.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tattooz by Sassy in Renegade Magazine

Check out my tattoo artist Dessa Blackthorn, aka "Sassy" in the  current edition of Renegade Magazine

Dessa "Sassy" Blackthorn started tattooing in 1989 after a well known tattoo artist in Hawaii saw several motorcycles she had airbrushed on the island. He took her under his wing and apprenticed her, pushing her limits until she became a multi award-winning artist who now has clients from around the world. After having tattooed in Hawaii for two years, and southern California for five years, she moved to Mountain Home Arkansas and now owns Tattooz by Sassy in the Harps Marketplace which has been in that location since September 11, 2001.

She has essentially been an artist her whole life selling her first painting at the age of 14. In 1983 she was given
an airbrush which opened a whole new world of artistic expression for her eventually opening the door which got her where she is today with nearly 50 trophies and plaques to show for her talents.

Sassy prefers tattooing realism (portraits, scenery, animals, and plant life) but loves tattooing many different styles of art including new age, bold color, medieval designs, and the newest "water color" style of artwork. If you think it, she can ink it! Although she has thousands of designs to choose from in her shop, she prefers to do custom work with over 80% of her clients choosing custom over printed flash. Stepping outside of her comfort zone is one of the things that keeps her passion for the art alive and clients who push her artistic talents are very much appreciated.

On a personal note, Sassy is a 51 year old grandmother of one and mother of three daughters. She is a licensed nurse, EMT, and an auto mechanic. In her spare time she likes to write fiction novels. Currently she has four novels in a series out in paperback and is working on a fifth to end that series after which she will start something completely new. On rare occasions she gets to work on her cars and has many plans for her collection in the future. Her 1967 Camaro is now being stripped for a frame-off restoration. Sassy will be building a 396 herself to be put in the car and airbrush artwork will adorn the outside of the Camaro as well as the outside of her two Corvettes.

She also owns a 2001 Yamaha V-Star with custom artwork she did herself. It doesn't get nearly enough road time as she would like but when it does, it has no problem riding alongside the big boys on the Harleys and is the one thing that helps her appreciate the area she lives in.

Having fulfilled one bucket list already (which took 30 years to complete), she is working on a new bucket list with more exciting things to do in the next couple of decades. Some of these future things include doing another body building competition by the time she is 55, restoring her Camaro, building a new house, traveling to other parts of the world, doing her solo jump from a plane, and writing a best-selling novel. For now though, she enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and squeezing in as many things into her already busy life as she can.

  There is never a dull moment for her!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catching up on posts in the upcoming year

Since I have slacked on all of the blogs, magazines, etc I have been in, I will be starting the New Year catching up and adding all of my old features on here. It might be weird for a little while, but with all of the recognition and writing I am doing for magazines, I know that GOD is allowing other doors to open so I feel like this is the best course.

I will start adding content that is not presently on here starting from the oldest and going forward.  There may be some days that there are several posts in order to catch it all up.

I let my other blog "Livin the Lifestyle" with Renegade Magazine go, and in essence have combined in into this blog which was originally just titled as "Amazing Cheap Life".  Since I really don't talk much about being cheap, as it is now just my normal day to day living, the blog has essentially became a place where I can promote myself and any recognition I have received, contests I am in, etc.

I am hoping with the new opportunities I have encountered that maybe I can focus the blog more on what I really want to accomplish.....Sometimes that takes a while.

I KNOW for a fact that I immensely want to focus on women NOT being used for sex symbols and showcasing the fact that women, like myself can be totally in love with the machine and not the drama that comes along with it.

I also would like to focus on WORKING class people, like myself who have worked for EVERYTHING they have ever gotten in life, and if like me, all while making minimum wage or LESS.

I don't know if this blog, all the magazines I am featured in and all the contests I win will EVER go anywhere other than in a "brag book" in my living room, but I do know that as long as I can keep telling my story of how I have ALWAYS been frugal, stood my ground and kept fighting for my dream, then in the end I guess that is all that matters!!!!