AMAZING cheap life

AMAZING cheap life

Friday, December 19, 2014

Betty Ace Broads and Rods

Just received an email the other night that I have made my THIRD calendar for 2015!!!!  I was blown away. It is actually Gabe and I and we are featured on the month of September.  It is amazing that although I am in no way trying to be a "calendar model" or pose in front of bikes and cars half-naked, that I am still getting recognition with my OWN bikes and cars and with ALL of my clothes on.  I hope to see this in the industry more and promote women in the "right light" instead of as something just to look at.

Cover of Betty Ace Broads & Rods 2015 calendar

Back of calendar shows all the months.

Back cover of Betty Ace Broads & Rods 2015 calendar

Betty Ace Broads & Rods Calendar

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Help find a 1956 210 Chevy 4 door sport/sedan hardtop

I got this email yesterday and after talking to her, told her I would post on my blog to see if someone out there could help locate her father's car.

Here is the email I received:

I am looking for my dad's 1956 210 Chevy 4 door sport sedan/hardtop. I have been emailing all Chevy clubs in the US and Canada looking for the car, hoping a picture will jog someones memory.  It was Plum and Ivory with a black/grey interior. I believe it had a 283 engine from a 1963 Impala and a power glide tranny.  If I remember correctly, the rear passenger side door was replaced and repainted to match the car.  I remember there was a bad spring in the drivers side seat. :)  My dad purchased the car in the 1970's from someone in SD and was the owner until his death in 1994..
My dad loved his car. Actually, he had two of these, the other was green and white but the plum and white was his driver.  I can still see him smile while going down the road, me in the passenger seat, arm hanging out the window in the wind. If I think real hard I can still smell the rubber mats of the floorboard. Most Saturdays were spent with my dad going to parts shops, junk yards, or garages searching for parts and fixing this and that on this car. As long as the weather was nice we would take the 56, me more than ready to ride shotgun. I much rather spend my time helping turning wrenches, helping mount tires, change oil whatever needed to be done and what help a little girl could do. Probably not much thinking about it, but I tried.  I loved it. This is when my dad and I connected. I belive my passion for cars came from him. This was one of the first cars I drove, my dad wasn't thrilled about by no means, and looking back I can understand why. 
After my dads death, my mother sold the car and threw out any reminders of it or anything of him for that matter. She never asked me if I wanted to keep the car, I just came home from work one day and it was gone.  I was heartbroken. My mother never spoke of it again, and I never dared mention cause it was a thorn between my dad and her. I knew who purchased it ad that was it. She hated anything to do with cars and couldn't understand what the big deal was. After my mothers death last year, I found my dads wallet and inside was the business card of the men who purchased the car. They were from Placentia, CA. The had stopped yearly, and purchased car items, antiques, and whatever else my dad had picked up junking.  My dad was a picker before picking was cool. I believe they purchased the car in late 1994 or 1995, I am fuzzy as to when the exact time was. All I know is that it was gone. I highly doubt they kept the car, they were also in the business of buying and selling and making money.
I do not have a VIN number and my inquiries at the local DOT office is no help. I tried running plate number and no success there either. I have tried California Craigslist ads only to have jerk tell me that it was crushed.  I have contacted my parents insurance hoping for a VIN.. nothing. 


All I have left is a few pictures, a letter my dad wrote about the car to the Classic Chevy Club (he was an early member and have his card)At the very least I pray I find out what happened to it. I would love to be able to bring it back home. I know it is a one in a million long shot but I have to try.
Thanks for your time. Please let me know if you know the wearabouts of this car.
Sue Schmidt

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wrench Magazine

Just got the latest copy of Wrench Magazine, the February 2015 issue.  Excited to see that Gabe made Knees in the Breeze riding his 76 Shovelhead!!!!

Got my Throttle Gals 2015 calendar!!!

So excited and really impressed with the 2015 Throttle Gals calendar.  It is very professionally done and includes dates of car events all around the country.  You can purchase ThrottlegalsCalendar

As I reported in my other post, the Harrison Convention and Visitor's Bureau purchased an ad under my month of February.

Cover of 2015 Throttle Gals calendar

Chris Gibbany Throttle Gals 2015 calendar

Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks

Monday, December 8, 2014

Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks

For anyone looking to get out and view some nice open roads and see the AMAZING scenery that Arkansas has to offer, then I suggest that you check out the area in which I reside- the Ozarks!  I have talked to TONS of people and everyone agrees that we have some of the best riding in the country!  I know we seem to take it for granted as we grew up here and ride these roads everyday.  I totally support the Harrison Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) and they support me and my endeavors!

Anytime we host a bike event they ALWAYS step up to the plate and donate.  When they found out that I was going to be Miss February on the 2015 Throttle Gals calendar, they not only purchased an ad, they CALLED the producer of the calendar and REQUESTED that the ad they purchased be supporting my month of February!  I was blown away and VERY honored that they would in fact go to such amazing trouble to support one of their own, a local female motorcyclist!!!!

If you want to ride hundreds of curves, see awesome hills, valleys and eat some of the local cuisine that Arkansas has to offer, I suggest that you request a Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks brochure Harrison Arkansas Riding Guide or download it via 2014 PDF version.  You WILL NOT be sorry.  When out on my rides, I meet people who keep coming back, year after year.  I might also add that Arkansas does NOT have a helmet law!

Riding in Harrison Arkansas, the Ozarks

 Tell 'em Chris Gibbany sent ya!