AMAZING cheap life

AMAZING cheap life

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review of VikingCycle leather jacket from Motorcycle House

Now that the weather is finally starting to break, I can actually get outdoors and complete some tasks.  I have had to opportunity to test this women's leather jacket from Motorcycle House.

First and foremost, I have a "full bust" area, so finding clothes in general proves to be a daunting task, which is why I HATE to shop and literally only own a couple of shirts!  Finding clothing that will actually fit me on top is always a challenge.

When the jacket came from Motorcycle House, I knew it fit right away.  I ordered a size Large.  The jacket has plenty of room to add a couple shirts underneath unlike some other brands.

The jacket is a beautiful black leather with a braided design on the front seams, something that I had never seen before.  The zippers are heavy duty YKK and are large enough that you can still grip them while wearing gloves.  The snaps at the collar seem to be heavy duty and it unsnaps and allows for a tighter fit around the neck.  Just like any traditional black leather motorcycle jacket, it has zippers at the cuffs to tighten or loosen the fit and it has two inside pockets, one on each side.  I do love pockets!

I really like that the outside pockets are truly deep enough for a hand and wrist to fit into.  A lot of ladies clothing have little petite pockets that are either just made for looks or for ladies who have really small hands.  (In the picture above, part of my wrist is out because I am using a remote for the camera and had to move to set it off).

What I liked the best about it was that the sleeves were actually LONG enough to accommodate my long arms.  At 5'10 I have features that call for clothing that actually fits and covers my extremities.  Although this is another problem I have with most jackets, this was not the case with this particular jacket.

The jacket allowed a lot of room to move in and didn't feel like I was wearing a straight jacket (NOT that I would know how one would fit, lol).  It allowed movement all the way from the shoulder area, elbows and had plenty of room in the chest area as well.

Another feature I liked about this jacket was that the tail was actually quite long in comparison to other jackets I have tried in the past.  When riding, it is essential to me to not have my shirts or jackets fly up and expose my skin to the air.

While I liked a lot of the features of the jacket, the only thing I didn't like was the cinched in waist band- totally not my style!  I prefer men's clothing and only wear steel toe boots so this jacket is not for me.  If you are more "girly" then I think this would be a perfect fit.

The jacket can be purchased here through Motorcycle House.  It retails for $89.95 and for the accurate sizing, great length of the sleeves and tail, it is a good buy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Update on Garage Girls

Here's the link to the Garage Girls profile when Sara first interviewed me in 2012.

Check out my newest update on Garage Girls.

The 2015 details on the Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover will be releasing shortly.  Stay tuned and be sure and apply!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Check out the upcoming Renegade Magazine

In the newest edition of Renegade Magazine here I talk about ways that I am so CHEAP and how I am able to have the things I do.  You guys should check it out.  If you love having multiple bikes and hot rods, then you NEED to read this!

FORR Freedom of Road Riders Spring motorycle swap meet Forsyth Missouri

The Spring swap meet held by the Freedom of Road Riders (FORR) will be Sunday April 19 at Shadow Rock Park.  This is the 21st year for the meet.  I had an article published in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Renegade Magazine on last fall's meet.

Look close and you will see a pic of me in the left upper photo at our booth last year!

If you want to print off the flyer- the PDF is here

FORR Forsyth MO motorcycle swap meet